How many of these actors who’ve portrayed Dylan Thomas on stage and screen can you name?

If you need a clue, here are some details about their performances.

  1. This theatrical knight won an Emmy for his portrayal of Dylan in the Broadway production of Sidney Michaels’ play ‘Dylan’.
  2. This Game of Thrones actor toured in ‘Clown in the Moon’ during the Dylan Thomas Centenary in 2014
  3. This actor performs as Dylan in ‘Return Journey’, a stage production originally directed by Anthony Hopkins
  4. This TV & film actor played Dylan in the 1978 BBC TV drama ‘Dylan’ by Paul Ferris
  5. This well-known Welsh actor portrayed Dylan alongside Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller in ‘The Edge of Love’ (2008)
  6. This prolific actor starred in the 2014 BBC TV drama ‘A Poet in New York’
  7. This actor and screenwriter starred alongside Elijah Wood in the 2014 movie ‘Set Fire To The Stars’
  8. This popular Welsh actor’s portrayal of Dylan in ‘Dominion’ (2016) has yet to be seen in British cinemas

Scroll down to find the answers.





















How well did you do?

  1. Sir Alec Guinness
  2. Rhodri Miles
  3. Bob Kingdom
  4. Ronald Lacey
  5. Matthew Rhys
  6. Tom Hollander
  7. Celyn Jones
  8. Rhys Ifans






Andrew Dally May 2019