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Guest Blog: Dylan’s Sketch of Llareggub by David N Thomas

Dylan's Sketch of Llareggub © Dylan Thomas Estate and the National Library of Wales. The sketch can be viewed interactively online at the National Library at Some twenty years ago, the Dylan scholar, James Davies, wrote that “Thomas’s drawing of Llareggub is...based on New Quay.” There’s been very little dissent, if any, from this view. [1] Dylan had lived there, in Majoda, for nine months in 1944-1945 but his first known visits to New Quay had been in [...]

Love the Words Anthology for International Dylan Thomas Day 2021

We’re proud and pleased to share with you the ‘winners’ of the 2021 Love the Words poetry competition. This year, we decided to forego the competition element in favour of a grand and global poetry share, which means that everyone was a winner! We’ve included as many poems as we can, and for those who sent more than 10 poems, we’ve chosen a selection. In the end, we received over 200 poems, from a total of 20 countries, so we [...]

Drawings and doodles by Welsh poet Dylan Thomas now digitized

Drawings and doodles by Welsh poet Dylan Thomas now digitized By Jim Kuhn, Harry Ransom Center Dylan Thomas, “Dear Sir [illegible]” [self-portrait], ca. 1942. Pencil on paper, 25.4 x 20.3 cm. Dylan Thomas Art Collection (AR-00273), 68.6.8, Harry Ransom Center. © The Dylan Thomas Trust The Dylan Thomas Collection at the Harry Ransom Center is made up of a wide variety of material types, acquired at various times over the course of years of collecting. One aspect to the [...]

Dylans Bookstore, Swansea University and Dylan Thomas

DYLANS BOOKSTORE, SWANSEA UNIVERSITY AND DYLAN THOMAS Jeff Towns and Dylan Thomas; exhibition at Swansea University, May 2015. Fifty years ago, I settled in Swansea from London via college in Cardiff, got married and opened a used bookstore. The city of Swansea and Swansea University played an important part in its development. Back then I was a bibliographic tyro and much of my trade centred around buying textbooks from the departing graduates and then offering them to the new intake of [...]

Shut, too, in a tower of words: Publishing the Fifth Notebook of Dylan Thomas

The Dylan Thomas notebook, on display at the Council Chamber in the Abbey at Swansea University in May 2015. © James Davies In 2014, the 100th anniversary of Dylan Thomas’s birth in Swansea, a previously unknown notebook of his poetry came up for sale at auction. Handwritten by Thomas in his distinctive, and thankfully extremely legible, manner, the notebook was purchased by Swansea University for a total of £104,500 and came home. As this notebook follows on chronologically [...]

New Dylan Thomas digital collection set to launch May 14, 2021

The Dylan Thomas Trust have joined forces with Swansea University and the Harry Ransom Center at the The University of Texas at Austin to use the DiscoverDylanThomas website to share a series of blogs to coincide with International Dylan Thomas Day, the 2021 Swansea University International Dylan Thomas Prize and the launch of a collection of digital Dylan Thomas material held by the Harry Ransom Center. The forthcoming blogs will include: Dylan Thomas’s fifth notebook, Dylan Thomas's doodles in [...]

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