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Paul Ferris 1929-2018

We’re sorry to learn of the death of the writer and biographer Paul Ferris, at the age of 89. His 1977 biography of Dylan Thomas has been the standard work for many years and will have introduced many of us to the colourful life behind Dylan’s writing. In the introduction to his biography of Thomas, Ferris wrote, My private reason for wanting to write about him is that I was born in a suburb of Swansea, fifteen years after Thomas [...]

Fasting for a Dead Poet: The Death of Dylan Thomas

November 9th 2018 marks the 65th anniversary of the death of Dylan Thomas. His death, in New York, at the age of 39, led to an outpouring of tributes from around the world, some of which we share with you here. ¶I was working in my room at Yale when a student came in, weeping and silently pointing at a copy of the New York Times. My first reaction was that the Russians had invaded Germany. Then, when I read [...]

Upcoming Dylan Thomas Events in Autumn

It’s September and the school holidays are finished, August bank holiday is over and it’s time to go back to work but there are still things to look forward to if you are a Dylan Thomas fan.  Below is a list up upcoming events you can enjoy in the next few months. A Child’s Christmas in Wales Ballet Cymru: A Child’s Christmas. Poems & Tiger Eggs Ballet Cymru presents Dylan Thomas’s classic A Child’s Christmas In Wales with music by Mason Neely [...]

Summer 2018 News Round-up: Guest Blog from Dylan Thomas News

Thanks to www.dylanthomasnews for sharing their latest news round-up. Welcome to the summer 2018 Dylan Thomas news round-up. Portrait purchased by National Portrait Gallery   Detail (Dylan Thomas by Augustus John) The National Portrait Gallery has acquired a portrait of the young Dylan Thomas by Augustus John. The painting, one of two portraits of Dylan completed by John, has been on long-term loan at the gallery, but has now been purchased with the help of charitable funds, for £214,750. The other John portrait [...]

Why novelists should read (and write) poetry.* Guest blog by Toni Fuhrman

For a long period of my adult life, I paid little attention to poetry. Yes, it was a part of my growing up. My father loved to read and recite poetry. Yes, I studied it in college and grad school, as my degrees were in English literature. Yes, I taught English composition; therefore, I read and reflected on poetry during those chapters in my life. Other than those periods, however, poetry remained in the background of my reading and my [...]

A Third Dwelling on the Road to Llareggub. Guest blog by David N Thomas

Dylan Thomas’ Lancashire Loves: Tripe and Onions and T. Thompson I recently received an email from a pianist in Illinois, who was researching her family tree, having being told she might be related to Dylan Thomas. Her great-grandparents had come from Carmarthenshire but her grandmother had been born in Liverpool, so she wanted to know if Dylan had any Lancashire connections in his family. I could think only of two, one an uncle, the other an aunt. The first was [...]

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Roald Dahl on Dylan Thomas

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Gareth Bale & Dylan Thomas

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Jack Black plays Dylan Thomas