22 Things You Didn’t Know About Dylan Thomas

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In the run up to International Dylan Thomas Day on Thursday May 14th we thought we'd share some lesser known facts about Dylan Thomas. 1 Dylan's lost poem In 1933 Dylan entered a BBC poetry competition. His poem "The Romantic Isle" was selected for broadcast, and read on air by Ian Sinclair Phail. This [...]

International Dylan Thomas Day & the COVID-19 outbreak

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In two months time, on May 14th, we celebrate International Dylan Thomas Day. This is the sixth annual celebration of ‘Dylan Day’, which has now been firmly established on the arts calendar. Each year we encourage arts organisations and groups to stage events, as well as encouraging Dylan Thomas fans to celebrate in their [...]

A Year’s Turning: Dylan Thomas in 2019

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A look back at the news and developments of 2019 in the world of Dylan Thomas and his legacy.Courtesy of www.dylanthomasnews.com January 2019 The 65th anniversary of the publication of Under Milk Wood was the catalyst for a collaboration between BBC History and the London based local writing and mentoring centre, Ministry of Stories. Young writers created Round [...]

A guest blog by David N. Thomas on the 80th. anniversary this September of the 1939 War Register

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Llareggub and the 1939 War Register David. N. Thomas I’ve always found Llareggub’s maritime profile somewhat puzzling. On the one hand, it’s a schooner and harbour town, as Dylan put it, whose sailors have travelled the world. Captain Cat and his crew have been to Nantucket, San Francisco and more. Dylan tells us they have sailed the clippered seas, bringing [...]

The Essential Guide to Dylan Thomas’s Places

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International Dylan Thomas Day on May 14th would be a great time to visit a location associated with Wales' best known writer, so we've come up with the essential guide to the places associated with the great poet. Dylan Thomas is famous for his connections to Swansea and Laugharne, but as you will see there [...]

Paul Ferris 1929-2018

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We’re sorry to learn of the death of the writer and biographer Paul Ferris, at the age of 89. His 1977 biography of Dylan Thomas has been the standard work for many years and will have introduced many of us to the colourful life behind Dylan’s writing. In the introduction to his biography of Thomas, [...]

Upcoming Dylan Thomas Events in Autumn

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It’s September and the school holidays are finished, August bank holiday is over and it’s time to go back to work but there are still things to look forward to if you are a Dylan Thomas fan.  Below is a list up upcoming events you can enjoy in the next few months. A Child’s Christmas [...]

The Love Club: An Ethnographic Poem for Dylan Day

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This year, International Dylan Thomas Day invited people around the world to help create the world's longest love poem, via an initiative called Love the Words. At 3793 words, we are pleased to say that this literary feat has been achieved. You can read the final poem, collated by Hannah Ellis and Mab Jones, below. [...]

Daughters of Dylan by Rufus Mufasa

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Every day this week I will be sharing a series of interesting films, videos and recordings ‘inspired by Dylan Thomas’ to celebrate International Dylan Thomas Day on May 14th. The recording by Rufus Mufasa of her song Daughters of Dylan that will be available from May 14th for two weeks. She explains below how Dylan [...]

Recording of Cor Llunsain Choir – London’s only Welsh female choir – singing Eli Jenkin’s Prayer from Under Milk Wood.

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 Every day this week I will be sharing a series of interesting films, videos and recordings ‘inspired by Dylan Thomas’ to celebrate International Dylan Thomas Day on May 14th. Cor Llunsain Choir, London’s only Welsh female choir The choir have recorded a new arrangement for female voices of Dylan Thomas’s Eli Jenkin’s Prayer from Under [...]