Guest Blog: Dylan’s Sketch of Llareggub by David N Thomas

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Dylan's Sketch of Llareggub © Dylan Thomas Estate and the National Library of Wales. The sketch can be viewed interactively online at the National Library at Some twenty years ago, the Dylan scholar, James Davies, wrote that “Thomas’s drawing of Llareggub is...based on New Quay.” There’s been very little dissent, if any, from [...]

9 places to explore on International Dylan Thomas Day

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For the second year running we will be celebrating International Dylan Thomas Day during a global pandemic. On May 14th last year most of Britain and Ireland was in lockdown and many of us could only venture out in our local area, but this year we hope that travel within Britain and Ireland may [...]

New Quay: Quite Early One Morning, 1891, a guest blog unearthed from the archives by David N Thomas

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Quite Early One Morning, 1891 A beautiful morning greeted me as I awoke from my first night's slumber at New Quay and, as I gazed out of my bedroom window at the hills around, smiling in their summer garments of green like a fresh young maiden decked in holiday attire, I began to feel a [...]

Upcoming Dylan Thomas Events in Autumn

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It’s September and the school holidays are finished, August bank holiday is over and it’s time to go back to work but there are still things to look forward to if you are a Dylan Thomas fan.  Below is a list up upcoming events you can enjoy in the next few months. A Child’s Christmas [...]

A Third Dwelling on the Road to Llareggub. Guest blog by David N Thomas

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Dylan Thomas’ Lancashire Loves: Tripe and Onions and T. Thompson I recently received an email from a pianist in Illinois, who was researching her family tree, having being told she might be related to Dylan Thomas. Her great-grandparents had come from Carmarthenshire but her grandmother had been born in Liverpool, so she wanted to know [...]

The Colour of Saying: a film created by Anthony Shapland and Richard James

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Each day this week I will be sharing a series of interesting films, videos and recordings ‘inspired by Dylan Thomas’ to celebrate International Dylan Thomas Day on May 14th.  This film, The Colour of Saying, will be available from Tuesday 8th May for two weeks. During 2013 Musician and song-writer Richard James (Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci) [...]

Why I Feel Like a Lizard in a Family of Polar Bears

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“Feet up with cup of tea BUT it is bloody hot.” This was a text from my dad last Tuesday and I have had similar moans and groans from: my husband, my son, on the school run – there was even a grumble fest about the warm weather on Radio 5’s Your Call. I have [...]

“I’m Just a Voice on Wheels”: Did the expectations to be the ‘great poet’ lead to the early death of Dylan Thomas?

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In a follow up to my blog - Like Eggs Laid By Tigers: How Dylan Thomas's Language Filled Early Years Shaped his Poetry - below is a biography of Dylan's later life from 1939 until his death in November 1953. Dylan Thomas’s life – 1939-1953 By 1939, Dylan had become a father for the first time and [...]

Keep Calm and Have a Cwtch: Why, even though I was born in England, I think of myself as Welsh.

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You’re at a work colleague’s wedding reception and there are the few odd faces you know, but, in general, they are all strangers. Sitting around the large circular table, and after the awkward introductions, and the polite descriptions about how you know the bride and groom, the person to your left turns to you and [...]

The Dylan Thomas ‘brand’: should a cultural icon be exploited to sell Wales?

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Who is Dylan Thomas to you?   Is he a rebel? A ‘one-off' that sticks two fingers up to authority and does things his own way.   Is he the doomed poet? The wild-eyed and troubled bard knocking back shot after shot of whisky and intent on self-destruction? It's possible that you may recall him [...]