A unique and tender account of life in the “seashaken house on a breakneck of rocks”: A review of My Father’s Places by Aeronwy Thomas. Guest blog from Josh Brown.

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Of the many books I have read about Dylan Thomas, ‘My Father’s Places’ by his daughter Aeronwy, Hannah’s late mother, is undoubtedly one of the finest, being not only a valuable biography/autobiography but also an excellent work of literature. It is wonderfully well written, describing scenes and stories from the poet’s tempestuous life with a [...]

Remembering Mum Through Her Poetry: How Aeronwy Thomas was so much more than just Dylan’s daughter.

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Mothering Sunday is always a strange day, as those of you that have lost a parent will understand. Previously I have avoided Facebook, parks, and restaurants, anywhere in fact where I may bump into mothers celebrating with their children. However this year I took a slightly different tact and decided to put time aside to [...]