My Son Dylan: Florence Thomas in conversation with Colin Edwards

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As we have just passed the birthday on April 28 of Dylan’s mother, Florence, it’s timely to wonder just what she made of her famous son. In July 1958, she invited the radio journalist, Colin Edwards, to travel to Laugharne to take tea with her. She encouraged Edwards to write about the “real Dylan, the [...]

What is happening on International Dylan Thomas Day on May 14th

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The enthusiasm for International Dylan Thomas Day (Dylan Day for short) on May 14th continues to be strong and I've been energised to work hard and keep the date prominent on the annual literary calendar.   I have, once again, seen the passion and love there still is for my grandfather's work and places. We [...]

Love the Words: Contribute to what will hopefully be the world’s longest love poem

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Following on from Dylan’s Great Poem, ‘Love the Words’ is an annual celebration of the power and magic of words, and is part of International Dylan Thomas Day, which takes place on May 14 each year. This time around, Love the Words encourages people of any age, anywhere in the world, to contribute to what [...]

International Dylan Thomas Day 2018: Let’s come together, celebrate Dylan Thomas’s achievements and love the words.

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“I should say I wanted to write poetry in the beginning because I had fallen in love with words. The first poems I knew were nursery rhymes and before I could read them for myself I had come to love the words of them. The words alone. What the words stood for was of a [...]

My Dylan Thomas highlights from 2017

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I have put together some of my favourite events from 2017 and have looked back at how Dylan's places have honoured him.  I also remember people we have lost and those who continue to do great work promoting Dylan Thomas.  You can find out more information at Dylan Thomas News and on the Events and [...]

D.J Thomas: the man that introduced Dylan Thomas to poetry

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  Dylan Thomas’s father, David John (D.J) Thomas died sixty-five years ago from throat cancer on December 16th 1952, at the age of seventy-six.  This event turned out to be very significant in the life of Dylan Thomas as it was the start of a year that included a rapid decline in his mental wellbeing. [...]

Leftover Wife: Caitlin Thomas’s interview with Vincent Kane

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My grandmother (or Nonna) Caitlin Thomas was born one hundred and four years ago on the 8th December 1913. To mark the date I would like to share this fascinating interview that she did with Vincent Kane in 1977.  Throughout she is incredibly candid and amazingly honest as she details her weaknesses such as: her [...]

A unique and tender account of life in the “seashaken house on a breakneck of rocks”: A review of My Father’s Places by Aeronwy Thomas. Guest blog from Josh Brown.

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Of the many books I have read about Dylan Thomas, ‘My Father’s Places’ by his daughter Aeronwy, Hannah’s late mother, is undoubtedly one of the finest, being not only a valuable biography/autobiography but also an excellent work of literature. It is wonderfully well written, describing scenes and stories from the poet’s tempestuous life with a [...]

Dominion: A film reimagining the last days of the poet and writer Dylan Thomas

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  You may have seen the above article recently that was shared on our social media pages. The drama ‘Dominion’, that was filmed over three years ago, will finally be shown on the big screen. Initially, I was excited to hear the news and was looking forward to watching the film at long last. However, [...]

Do Not Go Gentle Festival: A festival Dylan Thomas might have liked in Swansea’s cosy and atmospheric venues.

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From Friday 3rd to Saturday 4th November, Dylan Thomas's home town will be welcoming festivalgoers for the annual Do Not Go Gentle Festival, which is now in its sixth year.  The location is changing from the Uplands part of Swansea to the city centre but the warm and lively atmosphere remains the same, as does the high [...]