Did that really happen?: Why I have begun to re-examine my memories.

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I have had a few experiences recently that have completely caught me off guard. The result being that I am now challenging myself and questioning my recall of some very significant memories. On Monday evening, as usual, I was driving my son to football training. I parked the car, switched off the engine and looked [...]

Guest Blog: Poetics in the fiction of Dylan Thomas by Ray Greenblatt

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  Dylan Thomas  wrote this collection of ten short stories in 1940. The characters from A Child’s Christmas in Wales (1952) are here but more fleshed out: Dan Jenkins (“The Fight”), Jack Williams (“Peaches”), the Protheros (“Old Garbo”). And Thomas’ poetic style is revealed in the prose as well: vivid imagery, alliteration, purposeful run-on lines, [...]

Keep Calm and Have a Cwtch: Why, even though I was born in England, I think of myself as Welsh.

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You’re at a work colleague’s wedding reception and there are the few odd faces you know, but, in general, they are all strangers. Sitting around the large circular table, and after the awkward introductions, and the polite descriptions about how you know the bride and groom, the person to your left turns to you and [...]

The Dylan Thomas ‘brand’: should a cultural icon be exploited to sell Wales?

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Who is Dylan Thomas to you?   Is he a rebel? A ‘one-off' that sticks two fingers up to authority and does things his own way.   Is he the doomed poet? The wild-eyed and troubled bard knocking back shot after shot of whisky and intent on self-destruction? It's possible that you may recall him [...]

Christmas: When Dad showed goodwill towards children. Aeronwy Thomas remembers how the Thomas family celebrated the festive season.

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As I was digging through my dad’s bookshelves (I often take a peek when I visit and ‘borrow’ a volume or two), which are overloaded with books by and about Dylan Thomas I came across a thin pink book, it’s more a pamphlet actually, called Christmas and Other Memories by Aeronwy Thomas. It’s an absolutely [...]

Ugly, Lovely: a pictorial journey through Dylan Thomas’s Swansea and Carmarthenshire. Guest blog by Hilly Janes

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A recently-discovered archive of 1950s photographs of the places Dylan Thomas wove into his work is the basis of a new book, Ugly, Lovely - Dylan Thomas’s Swansea and Carmarthenshire of the 1950s in Pictures (Parthian Books). Its editor, Hilly Janes, describes how she discovered them in an old cardboard box...   They must have [...]

Caitlin: The Monster That Destroyed Dylan Thomas…or was she?

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In recognition of the London screening of  'Love Somehow', a film about the relationship between Dylan and Caitlin Thomas, I have decided to write a blog about my grandmother.  It's slightly different (hopefully not too cheesy!) as I've expressed my thoughts and feelings through a letter to her.  I always called her Nonna (Nanny in [...]

Land of my fathers? My fathers can keep it! : The complicated relationship between Dylan Thomas and Wales

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Last week our family was joined at Westminster Abbey by the Dylan Thomas Society to lay a wreath on my grandfather’s plaque and to mark sixty-three years since his death. Seeing him in Poet’s Corner surrounded by the likes of Lord Byron, George Eliot, DH Lawrence and Henry James reminds me of his high status [...]

How Time Has Ticked a Heaven Round the Stars

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This week I want to stop and take a step back. I feel I may have been a little pretentious in assuming that people would want to read a blog written by Dylan Thomas’s granddaughter. I’m not an expert on poetry or on Dylan Thomas in fact - many, many, many people know more than [...]