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Waterstones Book Event, The Two Dylans, Waterstones, Swansea

  • Date:

    Thursday August 18th

  • Waterstones
    17 Oxford Street
    SA1 3AG

  • Don’t miss your chance to meet K. G. Miles and Jeff Towns, authors of the brand new Bob Dylan and Dylan Thomas: The Two Dylans.

    There are so many strange and wonderful connections and coincidences; shared passions and associations that tie these two cultural icons together. This provides a rich tapestry – from the ancient Welsh folk tales of the Mabinogion to the poems of the Beat Generation; from Stravinsky to John Cale; from Johnny Ray to Charlie Chaplain. Rimbaud and Lorca, Sgt Pepper and The Bells of Rhymney, Nelson Algren and Tennessee Williams and much more.

    Fifty-two years ago, author Jeff Towns opened his first bookstore in Swansea. He called it Dylans Bookshop, a youthful homage to the poet. Peter Blake, who fashioned the cover of Pepper, was a huge fan of Dylan Thomas’ radio play Under Milk Wood. Jeff went to see Peter; they became friends and still are. Peter gave permission to use his wonderful Tiny Tina image for the cover of this book.

    London co-author K G Miles has been inspired by BOB DYLAN since being an awestruck child at Bob’s Isle of Wight Festival in 1969. He is now the co-curator the of the Dylan Room at London’s Troubadour Club and was honoured to address the inaugural conference at the Tulsa Archive in 2019.

    ‘…why, you can’t swing a cat without hitting a Dylan… male and female, such are the influences of these two cultural giants. Why did Dylan choose Dylan as his name, where do the worlds of these colossal culture vultures and wordsmiths collide? Some of the answers are found in the pages of this book and a lot more besides. I hope you enjoy the trip as much as I do.’ Cerys Matthews

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