Project Description

Victor Neuburg, Magical Writer, Treadwell’s Bookshop, London

  • Date:

    Thursday December 8th

  • Treadwell’s Bookshop,
    33 Store St,
    WC1E 7BS

  • About The Event

    Victor Neuberg (1883-1940) was a British pagan writer who was part of the wider occult milieu of the early twentieth century. Though he never achieved fame, he nonetheless has a quiet but avid cult following. Neuberg is famed for his liaison with Aleister Crowley c. 1906-1914 and their joint magical workings (Choronzon / Paris), but he had his own important career in literature: writing poetry, founding Vine Press, and mentoring younger writers. Dylan Thomas even said, ‘Vicky encouraged me as no one else has done’. Tonight his granddaughter Caroline Neuberg comes to Treadwell’s for a lively ‘on the sofa’ talk with Justin Hopper to talk about Neuberg: the occult life, the writing career, the acclaimed poetry, and the pagan sensibility — he was a devotee of the god Pan. Drinks party follows.

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