Project Description

Understanding Under Milk Wood, Centre for Languages, Culture and Communication, London, & Online

  • Date:

    Thursday February 3rd

  • Centre for Languages, Culture and Communication
    Sherfield Building Level 3,
    South Kensington Campus Imperial College



  • What are we to make of the 1954 play for voices Under Milk Wood?

    About this event

    One spring day in a small welsh fishing village, the eccentric inhabitants are dreaming, waking, gossiping, squabbling, eating, singing, and falling asleep again. What are we to make of the 1954 play for voices Under Milk Wood? The name of Dylan Thomas’ fictional setting says it all: Llareggub (try writing that backwards). The piece is neither a drama nor a poem in the conventional sense. We consider Richard Burton its narrator, but that’s not the whole story. A bunch of the characters are dead, others are drunk, most are unhappy, and some are plain outrageous. Under Milk Wood conforms to none of the norms of ‘conventional’ radio drama whether through its sound effects, structure, or plot. This seminar is the result of years of attempting to make sense of the piece for my radio students. Under Milk Wood is often considered a charming little play about an innocent Welsh village. But I will argue that underneath, is also something daring, erotic, and dark.

    This CLCC Research Seminar will be given by Gareth Mitchell and delivered at the CLCC (in-person) and online simultaneously. Two ticket types are available: online (unlimited) and face-to-face (limited). Please select whether participating online or in-person to confirm your place.

    NB. Should COVID-19 restrictions mean that face-to-face delivery of the seminar is not possible, the event will go ahead online only.

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