Project Description

Talk: The Fifth Notebook of Dylan Thomas, Tenby Museum, Tenby

  • Date:

    Friday July 28th

  • Tenby Museum & Art Gallery,
    Castle Hill,
    SA70 7BP
  • The Fifth Notebook of Dylan Thomas: A talk by Adrian Osbourne

    Adrian is an English Literature PhD student at Swansea University who is studying the fifth notebook of Dylan. He says about himself if he is not reading, writing or thinking about poetry then he is asleep!

    Swansea University acquired the fifth notebook of Dylan Thomas in 2015. The other four notebooks are held by the State University of New York.

    The notebook, an old school exercise book, contains 19 handwritten poems that Thomas, then in his early 20s, wrote between 1934-35 and includes drafts and revisions of some of his most challenging poems including Altarwise by Owl-light and I, in my intricate image.

    The notebook emerged in 2014 more than 70 years after the poet’s mother-in-law asked for it to be burned in the kitchen boiler. Leading Dylan Thomas scholar John Goodby described it as “the most exciting discovery since his death in 1953.”

    The talk will take place at the museum on Friday 28 July at 7.00pm. Tickets are £5 (£4 with Friends of the Museum membership card) so please contact the museum (01834 842809) if you would like to reserve a place.

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