Project Description

Swansea & The Arts, Dylan Thomas Theatre, Swansea

  • Date:

    Sunday May 13th

  • Dylan Thomas Theatre
    Gloucester Place,
    SA1 1TY
  • This production is an on-stage recreation of the 1949 BBC Talks broadcast ‘Swansea and the Arts’. The programme featured ‘Kardomah Boys’ : Dylan Thomas, Daniel Jones, John Prichard, Alfred Janes and Vernon Watkins.

    ​Famed the world over for his prose and noticeable presence, Dylan Thomas is the better known of Swansea’s ‘Kardomah Boys’. The Kardomah Cafe of prewar Castle Street in Swansea, became the rendezvous for a group of young talented artists/writers during the early 1930’s. Among their number were Dylan Thomas, the composers Daniel Jones and Thomas Warner, the artists Fred Janes and Mervyn Levy, broadcaster Wynford Vaughan-Thomas, fellow poet Vernon Watkins and writers John Prichard and Charles Fisher. Over coffee, this circle of artists and writers enthusiastically discussed and argued the virtues of art and the modern media.

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