Project Description

A Revels Christmas In Wales, Oakland, California

  • Date:

    December 9-11 & 16-18

  • Scottish Rite Theater
    1547 Lakeside Drive,
    CA 94612
  • The 31st Annual Christmas Revels: A Revels Christmas In Wales
    Each mid-winter, the Revels brings to life a grand celebration of traditions and cultures from around the world. We create joy with the songs, dances, and stories—present in every culture—that mark the turning of the year in all its forms. We build community and connection through our unique theatrical production, connecting audience and performers, and reminding us that, within our diversity and across generations, there is a beautiful continuity of human experience!

    This year, the California Revels is “coming home” to Wales. Even though we’ve never been there before, there is much about Welsh culture and customs that feels familiar and comforting. Set in the 1920’s childhood village of the great Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, our show will evoke the spirit of family gathered ‘round the hearth, and villagers singing in the glow of the blazing yule log.

    Of course, we’ll venture from the warmth of the parlor for adventures out and about in the chill winter night as we follow mummers and carolers from house to house through the village. As we do, we will encounter the rich tapestry of characters that make the Welsh people so famously colorful. The children of the village are central to our visit as they embrace and reflect the traditions of old in their games, songs and dances. And, speaking of dances, it wouldn’t be a trip to Wales without energetic clogging, graceful couples dances, and a fierce dose of Border Morris.

    There will surely be mummers, and a bit of Welsh Bardic storytelling—the Welsh, of course, are a nation of poets—and harps, pipes and fiddles. We even expect a visit from a dark and mysterious ghost horse, the Mari Lwyd. As you may expect, all of this tuneful excitement comes studded with the Revels touchstones including The Abbots Bromley Antler Dance, Sussex Mummers’ Carol, and The Lord of the Dance. And one thing more… there will be dragons!

    Featured performers this year include Robert Sicular, Kevin Carr, Susan Rode Morris, James Galileo and Margaret Davis.

    Join us at the breathtaking Scottish Rite Theater on Lake Merritt in Oakland, and fill your holiday season with celebration and joy!

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