Project Description

Politics from Poetry, Swarthmore Education Centre, Leeds

  • Date:

    Wednesday December 13th

  • Swarthmore Education Centre
    2-7 Woodhouse Square
    LS3 1AD

  • John Battle on – Why we need to keep protest live through Dylan Thomas

    Sir John Battle explores politics through poetry in this short series of presentations, discussions and debates.

    This final debate, in the ‘Politics from Poetry’ series (3 of 3) will see the esteemed Sir John Battle explore some of the hottest political topics of the day and their interrelation to poetry from some of the British masters.

    The evening will begin with an hour of networking with like minded individuals, refreshments and a bite to eat will be provided.

    After which, John will explore the influence of both Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen through the work of Dylan Thomas and examine why we all still need to keep “protest” live and public.

    The topic will then be open to debate with audience members actively encouraged to participate and contribute their opinions.

    This promises to be a lively and informative event, not one to be missed!!

    This is a PAYF event and all donations will go into Swarthmore’s hardship fund. Details of which can be found here

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