Project Description

Onder het Melkbos, Theater Het Pakhuis, Hoorn, Netherlands

  • Date:

    Saturday March 4th

  • Theater Het Pakhuis
    Onder de Boompjes 21
    1621 GG

  • Onder het Melkbos (Under Milk Wood) is a literary masterpiece by the famous Welsh poet Dylan Thomas. Originally, in the mid- 20th century, as a “voice play” performed by himself on the radio, the text has since found its way to TV and theater. It has been filmed or played countless times and in just as many forms: from theater monologues, full ensemble pieces with more than fifty players to psychedelic-looking TV films. In 2021, the British National Theater played a successful stage version on London’s West End, starring the well-known actor Michael Sheen.

    Onder het Melkbos , in this theater adaptation based on Erik Bindervoet’s beautiful translation from 2020, takes you 24 hours to a small fishing village on the coast, where you get an insight into the lives and intrigues of the colorful inhabitants. Taken by the hand of a duo of narrators, you are swept up in the tsunami of their dreams, fears, idiosyncrasies, desires and secrets… and you fall in love with them a little.

    The dozens of roles in this performance are played by just two actors who, without props, use five light bulbs and two wooden blocks to pay tribute to literature, theater and above all: the imagination in a small 9m² space.

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