Project Description

Under Milk Wood, Watermill Theatre, Newbury

  • Date:

    Wednesday October 25th – Saturday November 4th

  • The Watermill Theatre
    RG20 8AE
  • A Play for Voices…

    ‘It is spring, moonless night in the small town, starless and bible-black, the cobbled streets silent…’

    Welcome to Llareggub. Home to blind Captain Cat who dreams of drowned sailors and lost love, Mog Edwards the draper secretly in love with sweet-shop owner Myfanwy Price, Mr Organ Morgan, musical enthusiast, and the reason his long suffering wife dreams of blissful silence, Polly Garter with her many babies and Reverend Eli Jenkins who watches over his flock.

    In his comic masterpiece, Dylan Thomas introduces us to new friends and invites us, for one day, to experience their everyday lives, thoughts and secret dreams. A combination of sound and voices will transport us to an enchanting world of comedy characters in a lively, bawdy vignette of small-town life.

    One of the first professional productions at The Watermill, we return to this extraordinary classic in our fiftieth anniversary year.

    Image by Denise Di Battista

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