Project Description

Guy Masterson: Under Milk Wood, The Hullabaloo, Darlington

  • Date:

    Tuesday November 26th

  • The Hullabaloo
    Borough Road
    DL1 1SG

  • Lyrical piece about life in a Welsh fishing village. A play for voices first broadcast in 1954 with Richard Burton as First Voice. Come to Llareggub, a small Welsh town by the sea. Meet blind Captain Cat, Mog Edward’s and his sweetheart Miss Price, Sinbad Sailor, Dai Bread, Polly Garter, Nogood Boyo and Lord Cut Glass. Walk along Coronation Street, Cockle Row and Donkey Street, down to the little fishing harbour and back to Milk Wood. Join the townsfolk as Dylan Thomas explores their lives, hopes and thoughts in the dreams of a night and rhythm of a day, from the first light of dawn into a busy morning and through the long, slow afternoon.

    Guy Masterson performs the entire work – all 69 characters; men, women, girls, boys, cows, pigs, a horse and a cat – himself! It is unbelievably recreated and entirely enchanting.

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