Project Description

Dylan Thomas and his Women, Torino, Italy

  • Date:

    Monday 14th May @ 6 p.m – free admittance

  • Conference at Binaria Book, Via Sestriere, 34, 10141 Torino TO, Italy

  • Tribute to Torino to Dylan Thomas on #DYLANDAY

    Dylan Thomas and his women


    Massimo Trombi –  scholar of Dylan Thomas  (Dylan Thomas, the Welsh bard)

    Darwin Pastorin – journalist, writer  (The love letters of  Dylan Thomas)

    Marina Rota – journalist, writer (Caitlin, the legendary wife of Dylan Thomas)

    Giovanni Cordero – writer, critic (The other women in Dylan Thomas’ life )

    Lidia Chiarelli – writer, artist (Granddaughter Hannah remembers Nonna Caitlin)

    Maria Fiorenza Verde – writer (Aeronwy, Dylan’s daughter and poet, and her connection with Torino)