Following on from Dylan’s Great Poem, ‘Love the Words’ is an annual celebration of the power and magic of words, and is part of International Dylan Thomas Day, which takes place on May 14 each year.

This time around, Love the Words encourages people of any age, anywhere in the world, to contribute to what will hopefully be the world’s longest love poem.

Simply write a line of poetry on the theme of ‘love’ in order to contribute to the epic verse, which will be collated by Dylan Day coordinators, Hannah Ellis, who is Dylan’s grand-daughter, and poet and writer Mab Jones.

As a suggestion, you might want to use one of these prompts to complete your piece of writing:

Love is…

Love isn’t…

Love is like…

Love is as ________ as….

Love can….

Love makes me…

But you are free to write anything you like, of course! Think about how love makes you feel, why it is important; think about the images that spring to mind when you contemplate it; and, play with words and language, have fun with writing! You can write as many lines as you like and enter as many times as you like, too.

Remember to have fun with similes and metaphors, alliteration, and any other techniques, as these are enjoyable to do and enjoyable to read, as well. A further blog post from Mab will help you look at these, and learn about them, shortly.

You can join with this activity any time from Thursday March 1, on Facebook and on Twitter. Simply use the hashtags #LovetheWords AND #DylanDay, along with your line of poetry, in order to take part.

The competition closes on Friday May 4 at midnight.

The completed poem will be shared online on the Discover Dylan Thomas website on Dylan Day, May 14.

Let’s #LovetheWords together and see if we can break the world record for the world’s longest love poem!

Please contact  or if you have any further queries.


Featured image designed by Lee Jones.