The World’s Longest Love Poem

‘Love the Words’ is an annual celebration of the power and magic of words, and is part of International Dylan Thomas Day, which takes place on May 14 each year.

This time around, Love the Words has encouraged people of any age, anywhere in the world, to contribute to what is the world’s longest love poem.

Here it is:


Love is positive and negative,

Love is pink and black,

Love’s lovely, when you’re coddled in it,

Love’s awful, when you’re not.


Love is as good as anything,

Love is your velvet murmur

poured like kindness across the driest day,

Love is better than chocolate,

Love is as beautiful as roses,

Love is the best gift.


Love is your favourite song,

Love is two and a half

minutes long

with a hook

and a middle eight.


Love is a book you can’t put down,

Love is a welcoming home,

Love is like a medicine

healing you when you’re broken.


Love is as warm as a fire

as soft as silk,

Love is like a big warm cwtch,

Love is like a tingling sensation.


Love is like a warm hug,

Love is like a warm couch,

Love is as heartwarming as a twinkling fire,

Love is like a cosy home.


Love is elusive

a ghost in the woods

an echo of something that may not exist.


Love is holding skin against skin

so knuckle and bone can wear not thin

and hollow against the wind.


Love is not silver and gold spun

and pinned as time holds thin,

Love is a cannibal

it’s eating up my heart.


Love is like a banana.

Most people devour it

half-raw. But, if you

hang on until it’s mature

it won’t look so pretty but

it’s probably better for you.

But when it’s mouldy,

it’s best to give up on it.


Love is a trickster, selling quack remedies;

they taste good at the time, but rarely cure your ills.


Love is not a cortisol,

Love is caused by oxytocin

and exists solely inside my head,

Love is a DNA polymerase.


Love is not a drug, it is a wake-up call,

Love is waking up immune to the harsh, drab, ugly world,

Love is like a red red nose, pustulated, swollen and sore,

Love is sadness at not being able to do that one little thing,

Love is like, a pot hole, deep, destructive and makes a bumpy ride.


Love is the most important part of life.

Love is what you leave behind you when you go

and what you bring with you when you arrive,

Love is grounding, centring, stabilising,

it’s the foundation of everything,

Love is the anchor of a balanced life.


Love is family,

Love is the moon you have given me

the children we have raised,

Love is a strong bond between siblings.


Love is knowing that the phone will always be answered,

Love is your partner’s grandson finally calling you nanny,

Love is when your partner doesn’t mind you warming your cold feet on his warm legs

or when you tell your dying mother that she’ll be home soon.


Love is my morning cup of tea delivered daily without fail

just the way I like it in a china mug

brought to my bed as my eyes flutter open.


Love is her work-roughened hands

slicking your hair into plaits

tying them with new ribbon

you thought she’d forgotten to buy.


Love is heavenly bliss

dogged perseverance

stubborn and determined

appreciative, warm, and safe.


Love is hiding the darkness

so the light shines through for those special

and making sure they are never blinded by the blackness.


Love is a watery eye

that reaches out

to soothe the pain

of someone you never meet.


Love is. It’s me. It’s you. Us. Trust, peace, hope, joy…Passion, fulfilment, together, alone.


Love is a connection,

Love is when you can’t live without someone,

Love is passion,

Love is a need,

Love is like a hot fire burning.


Love is a dream come true,

Love is the best feeling,

Float on air

spin in the white gold sky

melt and mould into your body.


Outside as I drink your taste, your smell, your smooth perfect

Skin, drown in your smile, your soft laughy voice

Feed you breakfast one strawberry at a time


Love’s an apple. I swallow the pips. A tree grows in my belly. The fruit swell, so sweet. They ripen in my eyes, and at my lips.


Love is a brief encounter,

Love is our eyes catching

across a crowded room

or when sitting side by side,

Love is the skipped heartbeat you will never recover.


Love is a carousel of emotions and rollercoaster of senses, beyond, above and embracing the tidal dance of a candy floss shared.


Love is the missing piece of a lifetorn puzzle,

Love is the song of souls entwined at home or in the street

long is the day without you

and night is really hard until dawn,

Love is unforgettable moments.


Love is a cream lace veil and a posy

of full-blown yellow roses,

Love is the sparkle of a ruby ring

to mark forty years of wedded bling.


Love is like rope-making

long and strong as Victory’s rigging,

Love is a scratched gold ring

wearing thin on my wedding finger.


Love is listening to the nightingale

with you in Bidbury Lane,

Love is often having to say you’re sorry!


Love is stealing away for the bittersweet balm of your scent on an old smoke-perfumed scarf. Like a washed-up seashell, its secret stash of mind-etched memories explodes like fireworks, reigniting for a moment the now grief-worn bond we treasured.


Love is special, cherish it forever, it’s forever lasting.  Keep it close.


Love is powerful

Love is as powerful as a queen on a throne,

Love is digging deep on the darkest days,

Love is an incorruptible feast in the midst of the massacre.


Love is brave and fearless,

Love is having a word with bullies at the bus stop,

Love is allowing your heart to crack open a little,

Love is existence is atomic matter is love for people you don’t like.


Love’s a tough nut sat on the barstool of fools,

Love is giving drunken advice, like Dylan,

Love is not all you need, but without it we cannot live, only survive.


Love is locking the Boathouse door and unlocking the freedom of flight like the curlews above the mud flats and between the lamposts: Caitlin and Dylan, each side of the Boathouse door.


Love is the painter, the humble creator, the keepsake curator, the willing spectator, the bare knuckle truth, the unwilling narrator of all that has been, and of all that will be. Unpackage the paper and I’ll be there later, as long as you promise to love only me.


Love is the eternal flame of the soul,

Love is as bright as stars,

Love is … walking through parabolas of light,

Love is a useful touch when I’m about to fall.


Love is…sweeter than sunshine and happier than dancing moonlight,

Love is the cool breeze of dawn,

Love is the mysticism of the waterfall,

Love is trickling rain.


Love is the spring giving life & clarity that ever flows, ever changes down to the sloeblack sea & even then in the bible-black surrounds, it ever bows but never breaks to find its true destination.


In an infinite forest of emerald trees,

blue morpho butterflies,

desert roses where

Green parrots soar above our heads, sapphire macaws sing in ceiba trees and

No ceilings or walls or rules can ever hem us



Love is the glue that binds atoms together, love is the stuff that keeps the stars apart, love is what stays long after we’re gone.

Love is as light and bright as dappled heavenly stars.

Love is as happy as a bluebird that sings on high.

Loves is as, illuminating as the moon over a stormy sea,

Love is a reach across the ocean,

daring to hope after decades of

sitting quietly below craggy cliffs.

Now she dreams of the land with

bullrushes where he is hidden,

camouflaged, but like her,

in search of the bedrock,

a place of re-birth.


Love is like a map that always shows the way.

Like a wild horse

in a field of fresh blooms.

It’s an untamed creature

always running away.

A saddle will dull it.

A whip will still it.

Let it run fierce and free,

though it sometimes escapes you.

Those moments where it lets you

nuzzle it, and even ride its back,

for a short time, are precious.

Love is a choice,

Our choice,

Not yours,

Not mine,


Love is like

What you feel,

When you feel,

What you said,

When you said,

We would choose,

What we chose,


We chose new




Love is simply this:

It is a tandem of wheel-chairs

selected to  get her, moved a

distance to  get him by simple

harmonic movements of coord

inated push and pull match made

pinkies .


Love is a many and splendid thing,

Love is the beginning, the middle and the end,

Love is special, never let it go,

Love is everything,

Love is all.


Love isn’t perfect,

Love isn’t hate,

Love isn’t wasted,

Love isn’t expectation,

Love isn’t what I thought it would be.


Love isn’t when you’re the person behind the gun,

Love isn’t about one person,

Love isn’t just yourself,

Love isn’t just liking something,

Love isn’t easy, but it is unending.


Love makes positivity and honesty possible,

Love makes your heart melt,

Love makes your life shine,

Love makes me dizzy.


Love makes your smile show,

Love makes people happy,

Love makes everyone happy,

Love makes the whole world happy.


Love makes me writhe in the sand,

Love makes me feel alive

it gives me wings to fly

and be myself


Love can rule the world,

Love can be one person or even twenty,

Love can cheer a rainy day.


Love can bring people together,

Love can make you feel cared for,

Love can plug a hole in a sinking ship,

Love can make you smile.


Love can bring you down on your knees

or swinging from the trees,

Love can fill your life full of colour

and the noise of life

but when torn they can pour out into the void

leaving only the blackness that is empty of sound.


Lovers are the luckiest people in the world.

Love gleams in the darkness like a candle lit for strangers. Love leaves traces of a butterkiss and unexplained behaviour.

Love rides on the back of a Triumph motorbike.

And the girls who are not quite sure why they are there, will not miss a beat. Though he doesn’t quite have it, they reach for a touch of it, anyway.

They will never forgetta the kiss, the lip, the voice, and the kiss-me-quick hat.

Love gives your soul its music and teaches you to sing

Gives the world its colour but gives the bee its sting

Sweet as shadows, dark as honey, true as midnight, blue as steel

Vanishes like fairy gold, feels twice as real.


Tears for Love are rain drops on a spring flower.

You are the blossom that never fades.

The forget-me-not, the Myosotis at play, before the sun sighs a sweet retreat and lunar lands on our shared conspiracy of elation.

My world suddenly filled with all kinds of curious wonders of the mind and heart.

Your kindness is so soft, as sweet as a flower, your smile is so sweet it could be devoured.

Oh it’s you is enough you are there and here…

In a gentle way, you can shake the world…

dawn after dawn, a world the shape of your face


Two horses lie

side by side

asleep in a field

that’s as green as



Their compact bodies

echo each other

hoofs pointing

the same way

into the future


This, this is love


The salt marshes of love, longing and designer black shoes, betray the fact my heart’s composing, tap tap, boom boom, the signature of you.

The bureaucrats call it a hill but the mountain will look after our love, my love.

Without love. It feels like paper boats, caught in the rain—waiting for a breeze

a streak of moon leaking through a coverlet of clouds, a flash of sun firing the fields.


Listening for the first time to what someone is saying, instead of waiting for the chance to spill all the things on my mind….

I love you from your dandruff to your corns.


Sellotape love


It rips a layer of skin.

Minutely thin.

A copy of you

Mapped out in glue

On plastic strips

I wish

to keep.


when i joined the love club

i had always mocked before

all the ballads

and love songs

i ever heard

came back to say


we told you so

now go go go


love changes

FM radio sop

into an everyman gospel


stops me falling off the world


Amor c’ha cor gentil ratto s’apprende. Love, enter quickly in a gentle heart.


Struck from the air by the first arrow

One last bolt

Blood-red and brilliant

Starlight that kissed your lips

Blood-red and brilliant


In helpless world

Oh! love

Joined Beauty command

and flowering

transparent dreams


Teach us, Dylan, to love as you did,

being dizzy,  with falling dreams

and  when Love comes

teach us to walk down an ecstatic line of light

to taste on our lips

the breath of indigo and  the emerald kiss


The key; the lock; love.


You are what love is.

Loving yourself is just as important as loving others.

Love brings the world together.

Love has no limit. Find it, keep it, cherish it.

Love’s head is not in the clouds- her feet are on the ground, bound and determined to outpace hate.

Love’s cry consists of magic and understanding.

Love heals wounds.


Everyone loves someone or something.

Everyone deserves to be loved.

Embracing your love means caring and sharing.

Communication and tenderness are the path to love.

Show extra love for your enemies.

What goes around comes around. Make it Love.


My life song! My heart song!

I’ll keep living love until my hearts stops!

If we could love each other gently and immensely and true, it’d mean that I could be me, and you could just do you.

a love as profound as peace, which wars against strife, and this love which soothes scorn is more selfless than devotion, but a love which fears betrayal is hopeless. it turns to a love as intense as manifesting anxiety, and ends as a love as sheer as fabric which unravels.

The endorphin is the end, the end is the beginning of The Promise…


When the smallest lights are dying away

Where can we turn

But out of near total darkness

To the nearest potential love?

The element that makes this the real thing is its imperfection; how it knows it’s the nearest it can get without flirting with frivolous fantasy.



is often watered down and diluted

by forces of hatred and division

but continues to fill hearts of many

with wings of desire allows us to stay human.


When hands,

And feet,

Are incomplete,

Love is as patient as a pinkie;

Love makes pinkies move the lever,

On a 12 volt battery chair;

Love makes together chosen

Movements match like





l is like the wand that brings magic in all that we share

o is the everlasting ring that celebrates our pure bright golden love

v are the wings that will allow us both to fly into the heavens when our mortal vessels are needed no more

e is the rocking chair that we both share, shading us from the harshness of those who ever wish that love fails.

Yes it is a word, but it is so much more.


A fleeting perfect moment that evolved

Like a caterpillar that finds itself as a butterfly that flies and flutters into the heart of another

Yet if captured will show the symptoms of sudden entrapment

So let it roam and soar and feel its own freedom to roam as it is wont to do

Because another will surely fly by.


Love, irrespective of caste, colour or creed, is what is needed to save humanity,

From the incessant calamity.

Show love, show care, show your concern,take action

Stop all discrimination.


In the end, the love you make is much more important than the love you fake

You love full as a Universe, and I a thimble,

Though that thimble is an ocean more than I could ever love before…

Between his first and last breath

a man has to decide

to spend his time dying

or loving:

Love, giving is living.


Love causes pain.

It can seem cruel, heartless,

an unlicked boot heel. A stone.

Long is the day without you

and night is really hard until dawn.

To be imprisoned in your heart

would be a life sentence

I yearn to serve….

Magnetic pull, the tug of pure energy. Planets circling one another in a state of constant tension. Who will succumb first?

You can leave if you choose, dear Love, or you can stay -All I ask is you dance with me some of the way.


“Even in death she surprises me” was what he said.

Evil is love backwards, heart squeezed until it cries.

It’s cold, it’s dead, it’s here to stay

A tennis score, that game we play

A losing game, a battleground

Its labour’s lost

An open door, it’s just a drug

But your strange alchemic kisses

Made me drag you to my bed.


True love I got a glimpse of you; turn the wheel, take me higher.

Love – strong or weak, big or small, lost or found – you choose!


Love letters, pinned

bloody hearts on

the windows of the city

tears, stars

lips for kissing hungry



Love when it blesses us

when it wrongs us

in the body and in the soul I sink the nails

in her full with blood heart in the flesh naked

I devise the kiss


Love stabilises my mind

Love calms my core

Yet sends senses into overdrive …

love most welcome unexpected guest why am I so blessed that you should find my door

Your love envelops and caresses, as the light summer breeze to the trembling aspen.


An explosion of crystal, prisms of bright light casting shifting rainbows on the surface of a fast – flowing stream.

Asteroids and asterisks

Loving words are wishes for good nights before the moon burning light.

Love takes heart and mind, body and soul.


In the still quiet centre of you

is all the love there ever was

in all the world through all time.

love heals with a cwtch and a word and a sigh,

love is a well that never runs dry.


We thought then love to be a language of our own

Which daily found new alphabet and rhyme.

Whatever love was, now is, like a wrapper from Fry’s around the nostalgic.

Love filtered into my consciousness like spring woodsmoke.

My love is as Welsh as the soft Spring rain!


The hope without anchor, the cross without keys. All these pubs and more without counting or naming will be huddled in our rainy Welsh town when we too are at rest.

Reach out for the love of our youth from a specific space in the Mumbles that I can only see.

The Englishman stood before me clutching wilting daffodils and a large leek, it was the 1st of March. I knew then this man would be the love of my life.

Swn y Mor is the sound I hear, deep in the dunes of my heart, as your voice calls out over sandy shores, the sound of the grey, grey sea.

The wind in the sand-rooted pines whispers our names, and waves caress this shore of dreams.

On the shoreline between waking and dreaming the heart waits, for the tide to turn and return for love is the movement of the sea, not the flowing towards, then past, of the river, desiring the sea to dance with.

The sea’s shifting blues move through his full eyes – and her heart sets sail.

Pier, chips and you.


When you left

the world became

an empty room.

Should you return

the new furnishings

may take you

by surprise.

It’s hard to find, a many splendid thing

Like a butterfly, changes everything


Calling your name to find the same

Probing your heart to know my presence there

The last word I heard …

“Love was a friendly smile when I was crying,

love will be a tender memory when I’m gone”


Love’s absence is cups held too close to the heart

helping loneliness from hurting the hands

I loved you then, I love you still, I will love you again when life’s bonds are loosed…

Without you I feel like I am missing a limb.


Hearing you is the happiest sound,

the saddest sound is not.


A mother cradling her newborn through the smog of unslept nights.

I loved you before I knew Loving, before I even knew of your name.

I loved you before you were born.

I cupped your hand, a clenched fist,

in my hand and you opened

a tentative quarter inch.

Born in a moment, caught in a glance, given in a smile, bound in a sigh.

And I will love you when we are only dust and memories and faded photographs…


To see yourself through another’s eyes, the way you could be if you tried…

It’s patient, kind, beyond compare.

It’s all you need, it’s all around.


Not every pleasure needs a weight of name

Your smile’s enough to blow me into flame

Tongue lash lick, touch to mark, bite sweet black, hollows of bone, moon glints soft on skin. Made to belong. One to the other.

True love is true desire; turns heat into fire.


there’s a love more secret than thoughts which intrude into solitude

Tangled in our bumping, waiting for something better to do.

hey hot boy you are so hot I think you might cauterise all my wounds

Our bodies remember the bends and hollows of each other.


Our hair entwined, a beautiful knot…

My beloved, you run through me like words through a stick of rock

Hold the moon in your hands as you grasp the clouds seeking to shadow her sweet silver complexion; Under the quilt, the rustle of muscles, the promise of the charms held in the safety and thunder of your arms.





To blue vastness

Of days

Halcyon dusted

With sparkly bits and bobs afloat

In champagne bubbling brooks

And streams


Soft, serpentine contours

Of rivers

Waterfalls, splish splashing

Tears of joy

Cascading confetti



And fine red wine

Mama Mia

Here I go again

Cupids bow

Pings arrows

High arching

To bluebird fly


Over the rainbow

Wrapped in the arms

Of a stratocumulus

Love will catch you

If you fall