Why I Feel Like a Lizard in a Family of Polar Bears

“Feet up with cup of tea BUT it is bloody hot.” This was a text from my dad last Tuesday and I have had similar moans and groans from: my husband, my son, on the school run – there was even a grumble fest about the warm weather on Radio 5’s Your Call. I have no doubt that my grandfather would have forcefully joined the chorus of complaint, as he was also not a fan of the heat. His letters [...]

“I’m Just a Voice on Wheels”: Did the expectations to be the ‘great poet’ lead to the early death of Dylan Thomas?

In a follow up to my blog - Like Eggs Laid By Tigers: How Dylan Thomas's Language Filled Early Years Shaped his Poetry - below is a biography of Dylan's later life from 1939 until his death in November 1953. Dylan Thomas’s life – 1939-1953 By 1939, Dylan had become a father for the first time and Europe was at war. There was little time to focus on his poetry, as it was essential that he take on more responsibilities and help [...]

Llansteffan Literary Festival: A weekend to remember!

From Thursday 8th to Sunday 11th June, the breathtakingly beautiful village of Llansteffan in Carmarthenshire, West Wales will open its doors to excited festival goers from far and wide. The writer and publisher Richard Davies has recently moved to the area and is encouraging lovers of words to come and discover the hidden literary secrets of the Llansteffan Peninsula. Llansteffan is “Wales’ best kept secret” - well until now at least - “a sort of Never Never land known only [...]

“I never thought them to be imitations but rather wonderfully original things, like eggs laid by tigers”: How Dylan Thomas’s language filled early years shaped his poetry.

I was recently asked by one of Dylan Thomas’s literary agents to provide her with a Dylan Thomas biography that she could share with organisations and individuals that were interested in performing Dylan’s work. Below is my first attempt at condensing the first twenty-five years of his life (the second part is next week) which I’ve found terribly difficult as there are so many experiences and influences that had a intense impact on him. However, here it is. My plan [...]

Minstrel Mermaid of a Town: Dylan Thomas and the Festival Of Britain

This blog was originally written for Historic England. International Dylan Thomas Day is celebrated on May 14th, commemorating the life and work of the Welsh poet. To mark this, Andrew Dally of dylanthomasnews.com introduces us to Dylan Thomas’s link to the Festival of Britain. In the spring of 1951, at the height of his broadcasting career with the BBC, Welsh poet Dylan Thomas was invited to record a talk about the Festival of Britain. Thomas, known for poems such as [...]

The Majoliers: Caitlin’s Literary Rellies. Guest blog by David N. Thomas.

The last time I was in Port Talbot, I walked the Richard Burton Trail. My first stop was the park, which boasts the rather underwhelming Burton Memorial Flowerbed. Then on to Connaught Street to plaqueless number six, where Burton once lodged. Both he and I spent our teenage years in these sulphurous back streets. Across the road is the school we went to, though not at the same time. There’s little else we have in common, except that we’ve both [...]

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