Guest blog: Love the Words (And the Images, too) – International Dylan Thomas Day 2017

I’m the Coordinator of International Dylan Thomas Day. I’m also a poet, a writer, a journalist, a creative writing tutor, a rambler, a grumbler, a drinker of wine, a fan of karaoke, and a baker of various cakes which I invariably end up eating most of myself. These are all things I love doing. It’s Valentine’s Day, so this is my link to that. And Dylan Day, too, is something I love working on: encouraging others to put on events; [...]

The Dylan Thomas ‘brand’: should a cultural icon be exploited to sell Wales?

Who is Dylan Thomas to you?   Is he a rebel? A ‘one-off' that sticks two fingers up to authority and does things his own way.   Is he the doomed poet? The wild-eyed and troubled bard knocking back shot after shot of whisky and intent on self-destruction? It's possible that you may recall him as a deep and rhythmic voice booming from the radio.   Or, when you think about Dylan Thomas, do you think about Wales?   Well, what [...]

“Do not go gentle into that good night, Rage, rage against the dying of the light ”: How Dylan Thomas’s words are raging, battling and electrifying the world.

 “Do not go gentle into that good night, Rage, rage against the dying of the light,” pleaded Dylan Thomas as he watched his ailing father, D.J, battle with the devastating effects of throat cancer. He was slowly but surely losing his eyesight and one of the shattering consequences of that was, that the once revered English schoolmaster, and Dylan’s mentor, could no longer read and advise his son on his poetry. Though there was perhaps another reason why my grandfather [...]

Pssst, pass on the message: Spread the word about

I’ve just returned home from a snowy school run; a steaming mug of strong tea by my side and I’m wearing my comfy tartan pyjamas (why not? No-one can see me after all!). I relax my shoulders and breathe, “Aaaaahhh.” And now, I’m ready to start work on this week’s blog. I would love to leave you with the illusion that my external surroundings are just as blissful. Like my grandfather, I am being inspired by a wonderful landscape as [...]

Christmas: When Dad showed goodwill towards children. Aeronwy Thomas remembers how the Thomas family celebrated the festive season.

As I was digging through my dad’s bookshelves (I often take a peek when I visit and ‘borrow’ a volume or two), which are overloaded with books by and about Dylan Thomas I came across a thin pink book, it’s more a pamphlet actually, called Christmas and Other Memories by Aeronwy Thomas. It’s an absolutely delightful read and my dad has kindly allowed me to include my mum’s recollections in this Christmas blog. Unlike my grandfather’s story, A Child’s Christmas [...]

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